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The main purpose of our organization is to promote the professional trade in antiquarian, collectible maps and related books. A necessary part of that process is to uphold and enhance the status of that antiquarian trade, promoting high professional and ethical business standards (see Code of Ethics). Inherent in these objectives is to promote public interest, appreciation and education with respect to antiquarian maps and related works. The IAMA is a non-profit organization, and any monetary proceeds collected are strictly for use by the organization, for its stated ends, including charitable and educational goals. The organization will attempt to enhance availability of reference and bibliographical material for its members, as well as fostering a sense of international cooperation. Activities should be expected to enhance and promote expert and technical knowledge within the trade, and foster support and development of professional trade shows and exhibitions. Dispute resolution, internal and external, will be a function for the organization. The IAMA may be expected to act as a collective negotiating force to foster governmental policies favorable to the stated organizational goals. The IAMA may enter into collective bargaining agreements for business-related goods and services generally used by members.

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