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IAMA Membership Procedures

Membership is open to antiquarian mapsellers of good character, reputation and credit rating who have been in business for four continuous years. Applications are handled by conventional mail, fax, or email (preferred). All applications will be distributed to the active members for comment (which may include posting of the applicant’s name on our website), and if there are no significant objections, a decision can usually be reached within 30 days. Samples of catalogues, lists, or permanent online stocks would also be helpful. Given that this is an international organization, business communications must be in English. There is a $50 non-refundable application fee.

If significant questions were raised about an application, a decision may be delayed. At that time, a formal membership committee may be consulted, and may request additional information or clarification from an applicant. One or more members of the membership committee may communicate directly with the applicant, and individual membership approval would be decided by a majority vote of the membership committee. Attempts will be made to complete this extended process within 90 days. 

If accepted, there is an annual fee of $100 per calendar year (this does not include the non-refundable $50 application fee). All active members of IAMA will be listed, organized alphabetically and by country, on the IAMA website, and as a benefit of their membership. Members are eligible to post links to online catalogues. It is expected that dues must be kept current for these privileges to continue, and for the members’ business details to remain visible via the membership directory.

If you are interested, or wish to obtain an application form, please contact: . Please be sure to include your email address (this is preferred; if none available please include a fax or mailing address).

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